Cross-processing Colour Film with Rodinal

My obsession with Rodinal deepens... this time its colour film developed as B&W!...

a year ago

Latest Post Cross-processing Colour Film with Rodinal by Rob Kent
"Streetlamp", FED Mikron2, Kodak ColorPlus 200

As a lot of my recent posts will show, I've become something of a Rodinal devotee. I've been semi-standing film in this magical brew for a few months now and I'm still loving the results. A few weeks ago, I popped my cross-processing cherry by developing some Ilford XP2 (a C-41 process B&W film) in Rodinal and was really impressed and delighted with the tone and contrast (read more here). This got me thinking that, if you can do this with a C-41 B&W film, what would happen if you developed a normal colour film in the same way? The internet, of course, had the answer: good things will happen! So, I stuck a 24 exposure roll of Kodak ColorPlus 200 in my FED Mikron2, took some pictures and retired to the dark room!

I followed exactly the same process I would for a normal black and white film (detailed here) with the addition of a pre-wash. (I have actually started pre-washing all my film with water for a minute or so before I add the Rodinal). In brief:

I then scanned the film using my Epson V550 set to colour negative (rather than B&W) mode and the results are as follows:

"Revisiting Robertsons", FED Mikron2, Kodak ColorPlus 200
"Purple for Go", FED Mikron2, Kodak ColorPlus 200
"Stone, Weeds, Dirt", FED Mikron2, Kodak ColorPlus 200

A full album of shots from this roll can be found here.

The colour cast on the shots comes from the developing/scanning process and was not added by me. My chemistry is not good enough for me to know if this colour cast comes from the film or if the scanner is wholly confused and can't find an appropriate white point. Either way, I like it, but there is nothing to stop you casting these to black and white in Lightroom. I think the results have great contrast, I don't dislike the grain and the detail is good.

Right, what can I soak in Rodinal next...? I know! Some 20 year old Provia 100F E6 slide film... watch this space!

Rob Kent

Published a year ago


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