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Latest Post Cross-processing Colour Film with Rodinal by Rob Kent

JazzyFynbaar as a name is a portmanteau of the handles of this blogs 'owners': JazzyCamel and Fynbaar. Better known as Rob and Barry, we are friends and colleagues that cut about Dundee** and the surrounding area taking photographs, drinking coffee and generally wasting time talking about all things cameras. Whilst we both have our own outlets for our photographs (see our profiles), we started JazzyFynbaar as a place we could blog about photography rather than to display our wares. So, here you will find posts containing reviews of cameras, equipment and film, posts on the subject of adapting and modding the aforementioned as well as posts covering tricks, techniques and just about anything else we fancy. We hope you find it all interesting, inspiring, uplifting or at least amusing.

~ Rob & Barry

P.S. We are also the admins of a rather spiffy Flickr group which you should definitely take a look at: Scottish Street Photography.

** Dundee in Scotland, not New York, Michigan, Oregon or the Northern Territories of Australia!

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