5 Frames with Cross-Processed XP2

Black and white film intended to be developed like colour film cross-processed in Rodinal... confused?! Don't be, all shall be explained!...

a year ago

Latest Post Cross-processing Colour Film with Rodinal by Rob Kent

Following my recent positive experiences/experiments processing my own film with Rodinal (see here and here), I thought I would up the ante by trying my hand at some cross-processing. Cross-processing is simply processing one type of film using chemicals and/or a process intended for another type of film. In this case, I chose Ilford XP2 Super, an ISO400 film with beautiful fine grain and contrast. The interesting thing is that this is a black and white film that was actually created specifically to be developed with the C41 process, originally meant for colour film, as this was readily available on the high street thanks, in no small part, to the Minilab. Therefore, XP2 Super was originally designed to be cross-processed (what the XP stood for?), which means I am now cross-cross-processing it!

So, a trip to Boots on the high street was undertaken and film was duly obtained. Fynbaar also wanted to get in on the action, so we loaded up our cameras (Nikon L35AF in my case) and got to work taking some pictures.


Once the film was shot, we go to work developing it. We used exactly the same process I've described before, with two additions/changes:

  1. We pre-soaked the film (once loaded into the tank) for 60s in plain water.
  2. We used a 1:100 dilution of Rodinal (rather than 1:200) and developed it for half as long (1 hour rather than 2), still doing three inversions half way through.


"Ripples", Nikon L35AF, Ilford XP2 Super, ISO400
"Logends", Nikon L35AF, Ilford XP2 Super, ISO400
"Jo Jo", Nikon L35AF, Ilford XP2 Super, ISO400
"Stick or Twist", Nikon L35AF, Ilford XP2 Super, ISO400
"Chimneys & Spires", Nikon L35AF, Ilford XP2 Super, ISO400

I actually got 22 'keepers' from this roll of film and a gallery of them all can be found here.


I really like the look of these images. The contrast is huge, the grain is fine and the detail is very good. I can see myself shooting and developing a lot more XP2 Super this way.

Rob Kent

Published a year ago


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